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April 17, 2017 — 15:09

The first trick: a very important move, that is the smell. Genuine pure wool, straight hair and curly hair, the appearance of smooth feel good, very soft and comfortable, with sheepskin to do the surface, the surface looks a little plush, sweep to the side, then there will be different hair, and then grasp the point Wool down to burn, if not the kind of taste like burning hair, it must be false wool.

The second measure: is also a very important move, UGG shoes, all the code number marked with anti-counterfeit lines embedded in the inside, with the money detector of the UV light can be according to the out, if not as embedded inside the Renminbi A line that is false. (This is a lot of selling fake UGG shopkeepers do not know the oh) .
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The third measure: on the UGG website check, with the store shoes photo contrast, we can go on www.uggaustralia.com to see, there are sections of the details of the introduction.

The fourth measure: from the price point of view, a good pure wool is very expensive, so a pair of boots to use more than four feet of wool, off the shoes material to add up to more than 300 pieces, if below this price, I personally That is impossible to get.

Fifth strokes: look at the store’s UGG shoes are diverse, if the style and more, it is impossible to imitate so much, think about the cost of doing a pair of shoes is how high, and can not imitate the kind of sales Bad shoes. So of course is the production of hot models and colors, will be profitable. Therefore, the general sale of imitation version of UGG shop style only a few. I know the United States UGG imitation models are currently CLASSIC SHORT classic short, CLASSIC TALL classic high, UPTOWN, CARGO, ULTRA SHORT, ULTRA TALL, SUNDANCE, SUNBURST TALL and so on. Imitation of the color of color, maroon, black and so on this classic color.
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Sixth strokes: try, really wool into the wool is very slippery, there will be no Sese feel, wear it soon very warm, good insulation performance!

The seventh measure: If it is boots, then it should be printed with UGG words and code number of special molded cardboard support, so as to ensure the appearance of shoes (sometimes uplift boots), fake people do not do shoes Hold the mold, just use paper balls.
Eighth: from the origin point of view, UGG now China has no counter, so the shoes are to do the export, those origin is made in newzealand, we think about those shoes from New Zealand’s factory is out, but also smuggled To China, that cost can be imagined, how could it? There is such a skill, it is not smuggling other that more money!

Ninth trick: from the code number point of view, now in China or no UGG shoes listed, the shoes are sold from the factory out of a small amount of broken code shoes, if the code is complete, it is false, it is impossible.

Tenth strokes: see uppers, real UGG uppers are very smooth, the car line is every Inch 9 pin, margin is very uniform, the line is tight, no floating line, broken line, jump needle. The total upper feel good, but there is no rupture, damage.
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The eleventh strokes: see the whole pair of shoes, whether the length is consistent or not, whether the same color of the left and right feet is true, there will be no color Oh, because the shoes have been done, Great color difference.

Twelve strokes: look at the end, really UGG rubber outsole is not fade, take the color of the big bottom in the fade of white paper back and forth hard rub, it will not fade, rub in the good floor There will be no traces, if it is really rubber outsole, with nails forced pressure at the end, immediately restore is true, was pressed to go back is false. If it is foaming Eva outsole, look at the polished edge is uniform and the bottom lines are clear, not clear is false!

Thirteenth strokes: shoes for a long time, the shoes to your hands on the white upper there is no yellow, rubber outsole is black no spit cream (that is, white, and the more rub the more white) If there is a fake or imitation.

Fourteenth strokes: the thickness of the insole is appropriate, see shoes cloth standard, that is, the code number standard, useful to the four standard, that is, there are four countries above the code number standard, and the standard number of US yards than the shoes Large, such as women’s shoes 37 yards, equivalent to the European code 38 yards, if not such a large number of yards compared, then it is false.
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Fifteenth strokes: put his hand into the shoes, feel there is no one will be a group of things will be a fist, there is a fake, you can try, feel the comfort, the general fake or imitation due to the last Norms, or all half yards by the whole code last time, is not very fit, as long as there is a folder foot is false.

Sixteenth strokes: the car is the bottom line of the car line is every Inch 2.5 needle, car line thick; 0Mod or Eva in the end of the real goods in the end is smooth, no bubble, is a piece of Small bubble, not the kind of smooth, because the temperature caused by excessive foam, in the real goods on the production line, the temperature is strictly controlled.

Seventeenth strokes: the shoes of the glue line is generally very uniform 1mm is more normal, the real thing is not open plastic.