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June 2, 2016 — 9:14

Popular trend is high-heeled snow boots, as well as hair and amazing ornaments on flu trends based. Here are several new:

Modeling high-heeled

With UGG, AUKOALA brands launched high-heeled snow boots series, breaking snow boots “flat with the” inherent model heels will be the focus of fashion.
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Variety shape

Aukaola introduced the concept of DIY snow boots, in boots hanging body set point can be any combination of any favorite accessories: such as feathers, crystal, brass buttons and other popular accessories. Let color and with amazing snow boots, also a hot fashion circles.
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Fluffy shape

Many brands have also launched a number of major models are in the main fluff fluffy shape, allowing the wearer to make autumn and winter play day showing lovely “warm” theme-based modeling.
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2013 Winter Series

2013 autumn and winter shoes to the city of New Orleans graceful and colorful local customs as a source of inspiration to create a clean, elegant new series Asher Collection and AllowayTweed Women’s slipper.
Asher Collection series with the current popularity of smoking shoes (Les Smoking Slipper) is modeled, and the introduction of sequined leopard print, and many other fashion elements, and offers more than 10 kinds of different colors of shoes to choose from. AllowayTweed Women’s slipper series will Tweed Decatur (Decatur Tweed) and a strong sense of luxury leather with stitching, a go-between to Mardi Gras carnival popular purple, gold and green and other colored metal thread, comfort and fashion complement each other, dazzling fresh color and jump dynamic design highlights this season became.
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Ugg Boots
April 26, 2016 — 9:18

UGG sheepskin snow boots are a brand legendary. Seemingly simple-minded, but the shape of popular cartoon of the Eurasian land, and is now in the world have whipped a pop style.

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In 1978, a named Australian surfer Brian Smith with a group of sheepskin boots arrive in California, there developed surfing market attracted these sheepskin boots. Later, he established the UGG Holding Company, registered the trademark UGG, but due to poor management, in 1995, Brian Smith shares will be sold to Deckers Outdoor Products Co. operator, the company makes and popular Hollywood stars wearing in United States, and then recognized in several countries. Since then, UGG slowly from a small surf brand to become world-renowned luxury brand of sheepskin snow boots.

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In 2000, Oprah in the “Favorite Things” show in high-profile announcement UGG sheepskin boots is one of the items of her beloved! We donated 350 pairs of UGG sheepskin boots inside to her studio audience, from that moment, UGG sheepskin boots famous.

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In the beginning of the 21st century, UGG quickly captured the New York fashion circles, gradually from the manufacturing sheepskin boots, slippers, clogs and sandals brand has become a fashion, leisure and luxury lifestyle brand, appeared in “VOGUE” and other fashion a magazine layout.

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